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Individual, Couple, Adult, Child, and Family Counseling Services.


Why Counseling?

Although we successfully deal with challenging concerns and situations of all kinds every day, some of the experiences, issues and problems related to living in this world are too difficult to face and work through on our own.  When physical, mental, emotional, and relational symptoms and coping mechanisms emerge and are not quickly resolved, the toll of suffering to ourselves and our loved ones can be significant. For the last 35 years, Dr. Sosin has had the honor and privilege of coming alongside children, teens, adults, couples, families, and organizations who were courageous enough to face their pain and work hard to reach their goals in counseling.


What to Expect in Counseling

Research indicates that the foundation of successful treatment is a thorough and comprehensive assessment. Once the assessment is complete, you and Dr. Sosin will work together to formulate a counseling plan based on what the research indicates is most effective for addressing your concerns and goals. When you are comfortable with the plan, the counseling will formally start. Throughout the treatment period you and Dr. Sosin will review the plan and adjust it, if necessary, based on your emerging needs. Effective psychotherapy requires both clinician skill and counselee willingness/motivation to work hard to reach counseling goals. You can expect to achieve your appropriately selected goals in the context of a warm, professional, and structured relationship wherein you feel safe to share your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and adjust them in ways that are congruent for you and reflect the changes you seek as an individual, couple, family or organization. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Sosin through the contact link on this website.





Individual and Group Supervision and Consultation Services


What to Expect in Supervision and Consultation 

The theoretical orientation of Dr. Sosin's counseling and supervision practice is integrative with an emphasis on ethical and evidence-based assessment, case-conceptualization, treatment planning, treatment, and follow-up. Dr. Sosin encourages clinical practice that is rooted in a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply appropriate aspects of all theoretical models with an emphasis on interpersonal neurobiology, emotional development and regulation, and compassion. Crucial to effective work is becoming a therapist who understands persons in their developmental and cultural context and systems who is able to humbly and collaboratively offer an honoring relationship that advocates for and promotes the development of true and authentic personhood. 


As a supervisor of clinicians in training, Dr. Sosin's primary responsibility is to be a "gatekeeper" who ensures counselee and public welfare, while also providing a safe, and supportive environment for supervisees to grow as budding independent clinicians. Supervisees can expect that Dr. Sosin will serve as a gentle, honest, and collaborative assessor of clinical skills and ethical behavior; a teacher, a consultant, and a companion guide.


Dr. Sosin also provides consultation for seasoned clinicians and other members of the community. 


For further information about these services, contact Dr. Sosin: 

Tel: 434-592-4042


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